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Green Investment RiseAccording to a report by the UN, global investment in renewables has increased by 32% during 2010. The largest contributions came from solar roof panels in the Europe and wind farms in China.Local Business Ron Hull gets 50,000kwh Solar RoofLocal Business Ron Hull is the first of many to get a 50,000 kwh solar roof installed at the cost of £250,000 saving 42 tones of co2 per year!Website - Under is currently under development.Mission StatementView the organisations goals for the future

Solar Roof Tiles UK

Welcome to Solar Roof Tiles UK, We aim to provide you the latest upto date information on roof integrated micro-generation technology including Solar PV (Photovoltaic), Solar Heating and other Energy Saving Solutions!

The Benefits of Solar Roof Tiles

Roof integrated micro generation is the next step for homes, and increasingly new build properties are aiming to provide better energy efficiency using solar electric roof tiles and integrated solar heating. Furthermore they also offer great option for existing home owners looking to re-roof.

Picking The Right Solar Roof Tiles

There are several manufacturers of roof tile systems, they range in size and efficiency but in general are manufactured to be compatible with as many types of existing roofing materials as possible like slates and clay tiles, when viewing products we will highlight which tiles each solar roof tile is specified for use with.

Solar Roof Tiles range in efficiency from around 15-20%, and in general one solar roof tile is the size of around 4 standard roof tiles (known as shingles in america.)

As we build our stock list up, we will provide additional information for the time you can check out these manufacturers of solar roof tiles

Installing Solar Roof Tiles

The installation of solar roof tiles is almost identical to that of normal roof tiles and slates so can be done by any roofing contractor with ease, insuring only that the electrical connectors are free on the underside of the roof for connection at a later date. The connection of the solar roof tiles should be done by a MCS certified installer who will be responsble for commissioning the system for eligibility for the UK feed in tarif. Unfortunately currently there is no way for this to be done by the homeowner as only installations done by MCS are able to claim the feed in tarrif.