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Green Investment RiseAccording to a report by the UN, global investment in renewables has increased by 32% during 2010. The largest contributions came from solar roof panels in the Europe and wind farms in China.Local Business Ron Hull gets 50,000kwh Solar RoofLocal Business Ron Hull is the first of many to get a 50,000 kwh solar roof installed at the cost of £250,000 saving 42 tones of co2 per year!Website - Under is currently under development.Mission StatementView the organisations goals for the future
Mission Statement

Company Goals

We at Solar Roof Tiles UK want to empower people with knowledge and...

  1. Promote information on roof integrated micro-generation products.
  2. Provide useful guides on reducing energy consumption.
  3. Compare products to help you find the best for your individual needs.
  4. Help home owners and businesses become more sustainable.
  5. Provide ethically sourced and ecologically sound products with upfront prices.
published 2011-01-19